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Памяти кота.

 I had this cat. He was amazing. Such a bitch. He hated everyone.
He would scratch every single person or thing that dared to be in his proximity.
He was just a very bitchy cat and I loved him.
I would pet him and he would always scratch me. Because that’s how he was and that’s what he did.
My arms were always covered in scars, scratches and bruises. And I would still pet him. I would pet him and I would tell him, that I don’t give a damn that you hate me, I still love you, bitch.
And he still scratched me.
One day, he got sick and tired of me and he stopped scratching me. He continued scratching everyone else, but not me. I think, he still hated me… just got tired of scratching me every single time.

(Покрадено у caffein-blues).